Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Maria Semple takes Hollywood stereotypes and makes readers care about them.” January 2009.

Troubling new evidence leads local author to rewrite Titanic’s final chapter.” October 2008.

Kathleen Norris says the demon you’re fighting may really be age-old acedia.” September 2008.

What’s so funny about adoption and ‘The Daily Show’? Everything.” September 2007.

The melodrama is intoxicating in this saga about the Mondavi wine dynasty.” July 2007.

Life after TV: ‘L.A. Law’ stars share their passion for Italy with readers.” July 2007.

Crosscut: News of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest (representative sampling of 60+ articles—for the full list, see the author page)

Spike Lee at UW: halting, random, and flat-out disappointing.” January 2011.

Best of 2009: Enough about Seattle. What do you think of Seattle?” December 2009.

Russell: company of destiny.” September 2009.

Seattle’s hunger for style.” January 2009.

The road less salted.” December 2008.

Please pass the (road) salt.” December 2008.

A humble tribute to Cam DeVore.” November 2008.

A newcomer goes kayaking.” October 2008.

Profits from poems.” June 2008.

The newcomer name game.” May 2008.

Rare butterflies in a war zone.” May 2008.

Northwest travel: A quick escape to Whidbey Island.” May 2008.

The Seattle swarm.” April 2008.

The truth about free toilets.” April 2008.

Growing up without newspapers.” April 2008.

Seattle fails the button test.” April 2008.

It’s stormy, and the Pacific coast beckons.” March 2008.

Women write where you live.” March 2008.

Readers riff on Russell Investments and Tacoma’s aroma.” March 2008.

Russell Investments: Tacoma’s global high-roller.” March 2008.

Sound off on Puget Sound.” February 2008.

Washington caucuses: Casting about for Obama.” February 2008.

Report from a neighborhood.” February 2008.

Obama, Missouri, and God.” February 2008.

Washington caucuses: Neck and neck, door to door.” February 2008.

Caucusing in five easy steps.” January 2008.

Washington caucuses: Team Ballard gets down to work.” January 2008.

Washington caucuses: Obama’s magic rubs off in Ballard.” January 2008.

How the Christmas cookie crumbles.” December 2007.

A tree falls in Oregon.” December 2007.

Branch campus bingo.” November 2007.

For homeless women, an alternative to couch-surfing.” October 2007.

A growing enclave for the arts, 30 miles from Seattle.” October 2007.

A newcomer on notice.” September 2007.

The Chronicle of Lewis County, WA

Washington Ballet Theater Brings the Dance to Pe Ell.” December 2016.

Embody Movement Studio Challenges You to Roar Into the New Year.” December 2016.

“‘The World Needs Your Novel’: Lewis County Writers Get to Work for National Novel Writing Month.” November 2016. 

Embodying Good Health: Nia: Visionary Fitness Innovator Teaches Sold-Out Master Class in Centralia.” April 2016.

Family Uses Inheritance to Open Leather, Glass Business in Downtown Chehalis.” December 2015. 


Meet Mom-and-Pop Cattle Ranchers Paul and Dalene Olson.” Fall 2015.

Ewe and I Offers Unique Combination of Yarn and Cheese in Downtown Chehalis.” Fall 2015.

Cherie Althauser Proves There’s Joy in Movement at Age 65.” Fall 2015.

Seattle Woman

“Jubilee Does It Right.”June 2008.

“The Importance of Place: Lisa Albers talks with prominent local authors about their writing.” May 2008.

Murder, They Wrote: Seattle’s Leading Ladies of Mystery.” March 2008.

“Romancing the Tome: Jayne Ann Krentz & Local Romance Writers Tout Their Craft.” February 2008.

“Buy the Book: Seattle Independent Bookstores Know How to Survive.” December 2007.

“Dr. Pepper’s Prime: UW Sex Researcher Proves There’s More to Love After 50.” November 2007. 

“Hot Nonfiction: Two New Bestsellers with Northwest Appeal.” September 2007.

“Fighting the Cause of the Lost.” August 2007.

“Dreaming for a Living.” April 2007.

Lewis & Clark College’s The Chronicle

When Life Becomes Art: Five Lewis & Clark graduates make their mark as documentary filmmakers.” Spring 2008.

A Book You Could Love.” October 2007.

Intermission Magazine

“Writing About the River City: Black Playwrights Make St. Louis Their Home - At Least in Spirit.” February 1998.

“Across the River: Illinois Theaters Offer Good Shows for a Good Price.” April 1998.

“A Woman’s Direction: St. Louis Area Women Directors Talk Trade.” March 1998.

“Machu Picchu Brought Home in Light, Color, Sound, Movement.” January 1998.

“ArtLife Column: In the Pursuit of Happiness.” January 1998.


My #FirstSevenJobs… and the Shitty Lessons Learned.” Tue/Night, August, 2016.

“What’s More Important Than ‘A Room of One’s Own’? This. Author Magazine,  February 2015.

Claiming Righteous Anger as the Backbone of the Healing Process.” Chris Michael’s Blog, July 2015.

An Interview with Poet and Independent Bookseller J.W. Marshall.” Poets & Writers, June 2008.

Trade Journalism

Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence in Clean Energy Blog

Matt Morrison, Keynote Speaker for the Construction and Energy Summit, on the Future of Clean Energy.” March 2016. 

From Shipyard to Heat Pumps: One Woman’s Path to Success in the Clean Energy Field.” February 2016.

Fishermen’s News - sample headlines of more than 60 other columns, articles, and briefs, August 2005 through April 2006. 

“From Sea to Table.” January 2006.

“The Road to Market: There’s ‘No Better Route’ for Fishermen.” January 2006.

“Marco Still in Action Despite Shipyard Closing.” January 2006.

“Bycatch Still a Problem, Oceana Study Says.” December 2005.

GMAC Insider

“Is Your Car a Movie Star? How Hollywood Inspires Car Design.” Spring/Summer 2001.

“On the Road with Rover.” Spring/Summer 2001.

Several other feature stories, throughout 2001.

St. Louis Science Center

Brochures for the Albert Einstein Society and Corporate Partners Program.

“Climb Every Mountain: ‘Everest’ comes to St. Louis.” newScience, September/October 1998.

“Climb Your Heart Out.” newScience, September/October 1998.

“Upper Level Societies Seek New Members.” newScience, September/October 1998.

“Consider a Career as a Volunteer.” newScience, November/December 1998.

“Albert Einstein Society Glimpses Future at Dinner.” newScience, November/December 1997.


See the Books page.

Short Stories

“This Action Cannot Be Undone.” Argot Magazine, November 2016.

“When Crossing the Desert.” Mangrove, 2004.

“Birdy.” Bellingham Review, Fall 2002.

“Like May Day in Red Square.” Accent Miami, Issue 3, 2002.

“One Small Step.” Icarus International, Dec 2002.

“Tethered.” Iron Horse Literary Review, Spring 2001.


The Eyes Have It” and “American Pop Culture.” Snow Monkey, October 2008. 

Requiem for Lepidoptera.” Town Creek Poetry, Spring 2008.

“Why I Stole My Own X-Rays.” CHEST: The Journal of the American College of Chest Physicians, 2008.

“The Open Door.” Seattle Woman, September 2007.

“Email Urban Legend: Beware Needle Sticks.” A&U: America’s AIDS Magazine, August 2007.

“S.” Mindfire, Fall 2007. 

“Fear in Advertising.” Rosebud, Issue 37, December 2006.

“For Father.” Comstock Review, Spring/Summer 2006. 

“Science Center Love Story.” Tar Wolf Review, Summer/Fall 2005. 

“Broom of Anger.” Edgar Literary Magazine, Summer 2005.

“Sexual Plant Reproduction.” Spire, Spring 2005.

“Teaching Writing—Over the Color Line.” Intermission Magazine, December 1998.

“Flos Solis Major.” Eads Bridge Review, Fall 1992.


Please head to the Brunette Games website.

Interactive Exhibit Text

Cyberville Gallery, history of information technology and computer graphics for film and games, St. Louis Science Center, opened to the public in 1999.

Corporate Histories

High-Water Mark: General Construction Company’s First 100 Years. Documentary Media, unpublished mss., 2008.

Wilcox Family Farms: A Hundred Years. Wilcox Family Farms, unpublished mss., 2008. Both projects finished, but printing cancelled due to the economic recession.

Peer-Reviewed Publications 

Journal of Laboratory Medicine

“Sunquest’s Critical Event Manager Increases Safety as It Decreases Costs.” July 2001.

“Experts Urge Adoption and Strengthening of Compliance Programs.” July 2001.

“HIPAA Regulations Increase Responsibility for Business Associate Violations.” July 2001.

“Leukocyte-Reduction Filtering Gains U.S. Support.” July 2001.

“National Cord Blood Program Gives New Hope to Patients Needing Transplants.” July 2001.

“Photosis by Oncosis Purges Cancer Cells.” July 2001.

“Not All Free Hospital Services Garner Sanctions.” July 2001.

“Pap Smear Claims Denied.” July 2001.

“PDA Use Raises Patient Privacy Concerns.” July 2001.

“Health Care Privacy Fight Continues.” July 2001.

“Largest For-Profit Hospital Chain Agrees to Largest U.S. Fraud Settlement.” July 2001.


Evolving Storytelling in Hidden-Object Games.” Society for the Preservation of Adventure Games, Issue 64, 2016.

“What ‘Holds a Story Together’: The Role of the Fictional Narrator.” The Associated Writing Programs Writer’s Chronicle, March/April 2007.

“Time to Revise Peer Feedback Day.” Teaching for Success: A Journal of Critical Success Factors Teaching. November 2004, (p. 4).

“Some Students Have Dream Topics.” Teaching for Success: A Journal of Critical Success Factors Teaching. March 2001 (p. 5-6).  

“The Attendance Sheet Assessment.” Teaching for Success: A Journal of Critical Success Factors Teaching. March 2000 (p. 22-24).