About Brunette Gardens

Instead of waiting until you can take off for the hinterlands, the best way to become a true steward of the Earth, increase your food security, and boost your independence is to homestead-in-place. For us, that means the Midwestern suburbs. For you, it could be anywhere!

Our suburban homestead, just steps from the St. Louis city line.

We’re convinced that creating a wildlife- and pollinator-friendly habitat and becoming more self-sufficient as homesteaders go hand-in-hand.

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A native bee, eastern carpenter, visiting a native herb, hyssop.

Lisa’s Background

Lisa Brunette has been at this writing thing full-time for three decades, publishing across a wide variety of media, from newsprint to online and both books and games, as well as museum exhibits. She’s won a fair share of awards, including three indieBRAG medallions and a Michener Fellowship. Through a lifetime of frequent moves—a military brat childhood and nomadic adulthood—gardening has been her one constant. Though entirely self-taught, she won a platinum award from the St. Louis Audubon Society, and the 1/4-acre garden she and her husband, Anthony, cultivate together has also been named a Monarch Way Station, a Wild Ones native plant habitat, and a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Lisa, tackling weeds.

Speaking of Anthony…

The other person with his hands in the dirt here is also known to bang out a few stories at his keyboard. While Anthony Valterra keeps insisting he’s not a writer, the readers who love his helpful hand with hugelkulturs and cool cast-iron tips beg to differ. He grew up with fond memories of visiting his grandfather’s Oregon dairy farm, and Anthony’s father is a never-seems-to-retire landscaper in the Walla Walla Valley. From him, he learned how to make a wreath, among other survival skills!

Anthony, fashioning a door wreath.

Guest Authors

We also regularly feature guest authors from here on Substack and elsewhere, such as Lynn Cady from Turtle Paradise and Erin Hanson from The Suburb Farm. Lisa’s been a guest writer for The Suburb Farm as well.

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The back forty… er, 1/4-acre.

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