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Podcast No. 44: Sarah Donoghue of The Herbalist's Diary

A deep dive into herbal medicine in the UK from a trained practitioner.

I’m thrilled to announce another Substack collaboration this week:

of and I are swapping places, so to speak, with Sarah as our guest here on the podcast in the above video—she’s our first interview subject—and Sarah has been gracious enough to allow me to pen a post for her over on The Herbalists’s Diary.

I know you’ll enjoy Sarah’s take on healing with herbs. She’s a registered herbalist with loads of practical experience, and the two of us discuss what it’s like to practice herbal medicine in the United Kingdom.

What’s your experience with herbal remedies? Tell us in the comments below. I’d also love to know if you enjoyed this podcast interview and would like to see more of them here on Brunette Gardens.

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Next week, I’ll cross-post my piece for Sarah back here so it will show up in your inbox as well.

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