Brunette Gardens Moves to Substack

The Last Permaculture Giveaway Winners, and Our Move to Substack

Rice with Cards
Ellen King Rice, showing off her deck of Permaculture Playing Cards, not to mention that cute woodland tiara!

It's been a long, hot summer here in the Midwestern US, but even hotter is our big permaculture giveaway. We gifted seven permaculture books and three decks of permaculture playing cards to 10 lucky Brunette Gardens readers. Our winners range across the world, gardening in a variety of climates, and they're an illustrious lot! We're thrilled to know we had a hand in fostering this global community of enthusiastic, knowledgeable plant people.

One of our winners, Ellen King Rice, is a past Brunette Gardens guest blogger and author of botany-themed mystery novels (check them out!). Always a good sport, Ellen sent in that terrific photo of herself with the permaculture playing cards above - but that's not all: She also sent along the gorgeous collage below, capturing the colorful, woodland beauty of her Pacific Northwest garden.

Rice Garden
Ellen King Rice's gorgeous garden in the Pacific Northwest.

 Ellen also let me know she's the proud adopter of a new golden retriever puppy. It looks as if "Darwin" here is curious about Brunette Gardens!

Rice with Cute Puppy

Now on to our list of winners...

5 Winners - SKIP: Skills to Inherit Property, a Framework to Connect Industrious People with Elderly Landowners

  1. Claire Schosser, a past Brunette Gardens interview subject and blogger over at Living Low in the Lou.
  2. Gail Saxton, who volunteers for the St. Louis Audubon's Bring Conservation Home program as a garden advisor.
  3. Kim Carter, a reader in Kentucky.
  4. Carol Schmidt, a member of St. Louis Wild Ones.
  5. Mary Preston, a reader in Toowoomba, Australia, our farthest-flung member of the community!

3 Winners - Permaculture Playing Cards

  1. Ellen King Rice, mentioned above, who gardens in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Joy Mealey, a reader in West Virginia.
  3. Deb Grupe, another St. Louis Wild Ones member.

2 Winners - Building a Better World in Your Backyard (Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys)

  1. Kathy Freese, also a member of St. Louis Wild Ones and a Gold recipient in the Bring Conservation Home program.
  2. Erin Muise, a reader who gardens in Nova Scotia, Canada.

What a great list of folks! We hope they all enjoy their free stuff.

About Substack

Now that we've wrapped up our big summer giveaway, we'll be moving the Brunette Gardens mailing list from Feedblitz over to Substack. There's no need to do anything on that point; we'll take care of it all. Next week, you'll begin to receive the weekly newsletter sent from Substack. As always, you can unsubscribe if you don't want the emails, but we hope you'll stay on as we expand this little experiment in an exciting new direction! If you're not subscribed to our newsletter, you'll need to visit us on Substack instead of here on the Typepad blog.

And now we leave you with more photos from fellow author Ellen King Rice.

Rice Beets
I can't seem to grow beets, but Ellen can.
Rice Ghost Pipes and Book
Ghost pipe fungus posing next to a copy of Ellen's latest book.