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A Moment in the Shutterbee Spotlight

Shutterbee Logo

By Lisa Brunette

I enjoyed a moment in the Shutterbee spotlight in the latest issue of the group's bulletin. They're talking about the plug I gave to the bee research program in that national Wild Ones magazine article on the garden. I was only too happy to do it, as Shutterbee has enabled me to connect in meaningful ways with the life our garden supports, and it's also been a valuable source of continuing education for me. While my school days are long in the past, my mind continues to stay curious and crave new information. Shutterbee really fits the bill; some days I happily fall asleep with images of bees in my mind.

Ligated Furrow Bee
From one of my bee observations, a ligated furrow bee.

I've raved about the Shutterbee program on the blog previously - so much so that it deserves its own blog category. In a post on the bee genus Hylaeus, I mentioned how last year I ranked No. 11 out of 228 observers but that next time I'd crack into the top 10 because as someone who designs games for a living, I can't resist the competitive quality of a leaderboard. So, did I accomplish this feat? Well...

Shutterbee rank no. 8

How about that? I'm No. 8! 

If you're in the St. Louis area, consider joining Shutterbee next year. If you're not, search on your region and 'bee studies,' and you're likely to find one.