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Lollipop Purple Neck Gaiter
This one's 'lollipop purple.' Image courtesy MerinoTechWool.

By Lisa Brunette

If it's been as hot in your neck of the woods this week as it has been in ours, the last thing you want to think about right now is wool. But from a budget standpoint, that's exactly what you should be thinking about, as summer is a great time to take advantage of deep discounts on cozy items made with this fabric, from base layers ("underwear" if you're in the Midwest) to socks to neck gaiters ("mufflers") like the one shown above. 

As a lifetime budget shopper, I've always opted for "off season" on everything, whether that's when to take vacations to regional hotspots or when to buy for a particular sport or activity linked to a time of year. For example, I visited the über-popular San Juan Islands not in summer when they were swarmed with visitors but in the winter, when the prices are 30-50% cheaper, and the place is quieter, just as I like it. Regular readers of this blog know I purchase most of my holiday accoutrements during the week after said holiday, taking advantage of 75%-off sales.

So why would wool be any different? I recently stocked up on a few items, such as a wool top and bottoms for my other half here, since he didn't have any made out of wool. The men's stuff is super on sale, yo, for Father's Day. Plus: bonus socks!

Man candy wool
Patriotic man candy, courtesy of MerinoTechWool.

I also scored that neck gaiter at the top of this post, all at a nice 20% discount, which is happening right now, shop-wide, in the MerinoTechWool Etsy store. I've had a great experience with this retailer, and they've gifted me additional coupons, unasked, which I've applied on top of their already-discounted merch.

Yeah, this despite the cognitive dissonance of shopping for woolens on a day like this:

100 degrees

(Um, don't judge us for the dustiness of the inside of our vehicle. OK, maybe you should. Sheesh, that's pretty bad!)

As a side note, if you don't own wool underwear, and you live in a location that dips below freezing in winter, then you should seriously think about getting some. We save money by turning our thermostat down in winter and wearing warmer clothing. Wool works really well as an insulator, and fine-woven wool like the products from MerinoTechWool aren't at all scratchy. I typically wear a wool base layer and then a fabulous knee-length wool sweater known as a "coatigan" on top in the winter when I'm working in our home office. This coatigan is now 15% off as well!

Once you have a coatigan on, you don't want to take it off... unless the temperature climbs, of course. Image courtesy SaolCollection.

I'm also a huge fan of wool socks, which I wear YEAR-ROUND. Because of its fantastic "wicking" effect, my feet don't feel sweaty in merino wool socks, and they help prevent the friction that causes blisters, too.

With inflation rising as much as 8.6% per month (conservative estimate given by our fearless leaders), these wool items are likely not going to get any cheaper, and while you probably don't want to even look at wool right now, you might wish you had come winter.

Now go get your wool on!

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