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I'm Taking Today Off - Here Are Pics from the Stepson's Graduation

Jun 11, 2017
My husband, stepson, and me.

My stepson moved in with us full-time last fall and completed his senior year in a small-town. This big-city kid quickly got the lay of the land, though, making some great friends and getting to experience a different way of life. This is Trump country, after all, home to camo days at the high school, lifted trucks, and an activity known as "mudding." The Seattleness wore off him pretty quick, though... Maybe a little too quickly. Jumping into a lake from a rope, he injured his leg a few weeks before graduation, which put him in a boot and crutches.

Zander cane
Zander nearly had to do the grad walk on crutches. But he graduated to a cane and managed the walk without it, limping just a bit.
Zander photos
The kid has a great eye for photography. Of course, I'm biased, but hey. The judges agree! He took Champion at the county youth fair.

Congrats to all the grads out there, and a good weekend to all!