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For All the Knit-Wits


A gathering of knitters at Ewe & I.

I'm not a knitter, but I'm fascinating with the tribe. The craft is very popular with women, young and old, and some men seem to find the work soothing as well. 

Cheese, though, I'm all over that stuff. So when a new store opened up in my small town that paired yarn and cheese, I had to check it out. They're both the products of sheep, so it totally makes sense to pair them, if you keep animal products close to their source. 

Here's my latest article for LewisTalk:


To the uninitiated, yarn and cheese might seem like an odd pairing for a retail space. That is, until you realize that the two come from the same animal.

Meg and Brad Gregory have been raising sheep on their Adna farm for 11 years. This husband-and-wife team is best known for the Black Sheep Creamery cheese label, which can be found in Lewis County stores and farmer’s markets.

But now you can buy the signature sheep’s milk cheese at their store in downtown Chehalis as well, where you’ll be treated to tasting samples, a full coffee bar, and of course, a wall of yarn. Read More