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Anger in the Healing Process

Lisa Brunette_Author

Today I have a guest-post up on Chris Michaels' blog - please check it out. Michaels is the author of The Power of You. I first heard him speak on a podcast and felt an instant kinship. I'm excited to feature a post from him here on Cat in the Flock next week, so check back for that!

My subject for his blog is anger:

Many of us aim for the spiritual ideal of the calm, serene, monkish enlightened one who reacts to every situation with never-ending grace and acceptance. We imagine Jesus this way, for his “turn the other cheek” teaching, and the list goes on: Buddha, Mother Teresa, Ghandi. You could even add Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lennon to the list.

But this is exactly the wrong approach for many of us who’ve been marginalized and oppressed through sexism, racism, homophobia, or other negative patterns of behavior.

I appreciate how Chris teaches people the power of knowing when to say no, which dovetails nicely with my thoughts on how important anger is in the healing process. It's a subject that formed the basis for the poetry in Broom of Anger.

I invite you to join our discussion here, on social media, and on Chris' awesome blog.